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Search engine optimization

Conclusion site on the first positions of search engines Yandex and Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO), website optimization

Web resource owners inevitably face the common challenge – low website traffic. Initially, users surf the Internet searching for your website specifically, but due to multiple reasons they are not able to find it. The key is to point a potential visitor towards the required direction vector. All one can do is understand: How to do it?
Given the situation, web studio’s services turn out to be indispensable. We implement information optimization and promote websites by engaging potential customers. Improving the daily traffic and, as a result, increasing the level of resource’s cost effectiveness is our priority No.1. A website is an efficient selling tool that generates strong profits for its owner.
Stages of website optimization
  • Market analysis
  • Compilation of the semantic kernel
  • Audit composition
  • Internal and external optimization
  • Support and improvement of positions

Website optimization implies consistent performance of analytical works accompanied while revising information available at the website and filling the web resource with unique content. SEO can be conditionally divided into the following stages:

  • Market analysis (identifying the level of the client’s website competitiveness);
  • Compilation of the semantic kernel (collecting target and commercial key words that are popular in search systems);
  • Audit (technical and search audit, usability and content analysis, inspection of web page indexation processes in search systems);
  • Internal and external optimization (systematic purchasing of high-quality reference weight and driving up the user factor, filling the website with unique content or rewriting the existing texts to add key inquiries, and setting relinks);
  • Support and improvement of positions (introducing changes to the web resource’s structure, promoting the website with the use of search engine advertising and other methods of target audience engagement).