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Website development

We develop technological solutions in the European style.

Website development

Website development implies a full set of preparatory and analytical works the client takes a direct part in. Web developers‘ primary objective is to bring all of the client’s wishes and preferences to life in the web project, given the specific features of search engine optimization. Creation of the web resource, whether an ordinary or e-commerce site, traditionally comprises a few steps:
  1. Determining the functionality and thematic scope of the website, identifying the target audience, analyzing the market and competitors;
  2. Preparing the statement of work for project development.
  3. Prototyping main pages, scrutinizing the logic of going from one page to another and the general structure;
  4. Selecting colors and font, rendering layouts of the website and individual elements;
  5. Setting layouts, animating individual elements and dynamic modules;
  6. Integrating with the content management system;
  7. Filling the website with high-quality content;
  8. Testing the project, control evaluation by the client;
  9. Placing the website at the domain and hosting.

Creation of websites with the user-friendly and offbeat interface is a labor-intensive process only qualified specialists can cope with. Therefore, when ordering a really high-quality project, one should rely on professionals.

Mastering new approaches and techniques

ChilliCode web studio provides a full range of pertinent services for technical support, creation and promotion of websites. We master new approaches and adhere to the proven techniques of web resource promotion while improving the level of web project cost effectiness during the short period of time.

Working with us

You can be confident in quality of deliverables. We implement the boldest and most creative design solutions, optimize the content to meet the requirements of search systems while significantly improving daily traffic performance.