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Web design development at ChilliCode studio

Website’s visual design is a critical component in web resource development. Overlooking creation of an offbeat and convenient interface would not be an efficient decision as many users stay at the website thanks to its properly built structure and exciting content.
A web resource must instantly engage any potential customers providing them with positive impression during a long period of time. Given the variety of websites, standing out among competitors is important both due to quality of the content offered and offbeat design.
Specific features of design development for the website

In the process of web resource design, one should decide on the font and pay attention to selection of the color palette, intensity and depth of shades. The above aspects must be selected in line with brand identity. Sequence of information blocks is particularly important as simplicity of navigation across topic sections is a key to user’s lengthy staying at the web resource.

Web design can be developed in two ways:

Unique design

The interface will be created from scratch, given all of the client’s preferences and wishes. The market will be analyzed, prototypes will be worked through and the logic of going from one page to another will be scrutinized.

Conventional design

The website will be implemented based on the out-of-the-box solution with minimal revision of the content.

One should note that the way of interface creation has a direct impact on calculation of service fees and deadlines of works. Choosing between a conventional and customized solution, one should realize that the website constructor cannot provide for all nuances of your business in particular, while customizing the ready-made template as one sees fit is labor- and cost-intensive. The interface is specifically important for online stores that sell a wide range of products. The web resource’s primary objective is to draw the target audience’s attention with its offbeat and user-friendly design while retaining the potential customer at the website and stimulating to place an order.

ChilliCode web studio offers a complete set of services for development of unique graphic elements from logos and individual icons to design of large-scale web projects.